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  • Winstrol 50 for Sale

    • Winstrol 50 for sale 97.00 USD

      Winstrol 50

      Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
      - Active Substance: Stanozolol
      - Concentration: 50 mg/tab
      Presentation: 100 tabs
      Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
      Common Name(s): Stromba, Strombafort, Winny,
      Stanazolin, Stanozabol, Azolol, Stanazolic, Stanoxyl
      Drug Profile Buy 5+ for 92.15 USD and save 24.25 USD

    Winstrol Tabs (Stanozolol) Legit Dragon Pharma Steroids

    Winstrol in tablets is a classic anabolic steroid, with Stanozalol as an active ingredient. The drug has gained popularity among athletes due to a significant increase in dry muscle mass without fat deposits and for improved supply of calcium bones.

    The active substance of the drug is Stanozolol, which was developed in the middle of the twentieth century and was used primarily in the medical environment. This drug has an anabolic effect by 320% of testosterone and mildly expressed androgenic activity (30% of testosterone).

    Winstrol Effects:

    Increase in quality (dry, embossed) musculature;
    Increased strength and endurance;
    Stimulation of the rapid withdrawal of water from the body;
    Increased appetite;
    Increased libido.

    How to take Winstrol

    When preparing a cycle, please observe the following restrictions:

    The maximum duration of the cycle should not exceed 8 weeks.
    Take it at a dosage of 30 - 50 mg per day.

    The standard cycle during drying (for bodybuilder) is the use of the drug daily, at a dosage of 30 mg. For athletes, swimmers and other athletes who are endurance oriented, it is not recommended to exceed the dose of more than 10-20 mg.

    Women can take this drug (up to 10 mg per day), since Winstrol is one of the least toxic anabolic steroids, not showing estrogenic activity with moderate use and not accompanied by gynecomastia and edema.

    Before you buy Winstrol, remember that the use of a steroid by competing athletes is excluded, since it can be revealed by a disqualification commission within a year after the cycle. The duration of the active action of the drug on average reaches 8 hours.

    Winstrol is recommended to be combined with drugs that stimulate water retention to avoid pain in joints with regular training. The drug can be combined with the Testosterone for increased efficiency of muscle mass gain. But remember to control the level of estradiol. Together with Winstrol, you can buy Dianabol and may buy Anapolon.

    After the cycle, it is desirable to conduct PCT. It should be noted that anti-estrogens such as Clomiphene Citrate (buy Clomid/buy Clomed/buy Clomixyl) and Tamoxifen Citrate (buy Nolvadex/buy Nolvaxyl/buy Tamoximed) are the most effective to prevent side effects (liver damage, dermatological problems, hair loss, etc.).

    Winstrol reviews are often characterized by positive impressions of athletes about the fat burning effect and the regained relief of muscles during drying. Men note increased endurance and good compatibility of the drug with other anabolics and androgens.

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    • Aug 25, 2017 (20:33) How can I find out if the Winstrol tablets are legal for me to buy online if I live in VA?
    • Nov 1, 2016 (02:15) Best winstrol I tried great company kalpa pharmacy is another great company

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