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      RoidsMaLL.net informs you that HCG Pregnyl 5000 iu came back in stock and is available on sale only for $29 per 1 amp (solvent included). Chorionic gonadotropin for injection, is a highly purified pyrogen-free preparation obtained from the urine of pregnant females. It is standardized by a biological assay procedure. It is available for intramuscular injection.

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      From now on a large variety of injectable steroids as well as oral steroids and post cycle therapy from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals can be bought on RoidsMaLL.net. Secondly, one is glad to introduce the new injectable steroids in sachets from Gen-Shi Labs. Shipping steroids in sachets is a very safe method for the delivery of steroids worldwide.

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      Sciroxx Oral Steroids are now available for sale on our online steroid pharmacy. Buy most wanted oral Sciroxx steroids like: Methanodex 10, Oxydex, Stanodex 10, Oxanodex, Turinadex and many more.

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  • GP Mast 100 for Sale

  • GP Mast 100

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
    Substance: Drostanolone Propionate
    Package: 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

    GP Mast 100 for Sale
    Price: 66.00 USD

    Out of stock

    Old Price: 72.00 USD



    GP Mast 100 Profile

    Average Dose: 300-400 mg per week
    Half Life: 2 - 3 days
    Water Retention: No
    Aromatization: No
    DHT Conversion: No

    GP Mast 10 Review

    GP Mast 100 (Drostanolone Propionate) is a synthetic derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, displaying a potent androgenic effect that is responsible for increases in muscle density and hardness and a moderate anabolic effect that creates a positive nitrogen balance in humans and promotes protein synthesis. Since it is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, Drostanolone does not aromatize in any dosage and thus it cannot be converted into estrogen. Therefore, estrogen-related water retention is eliminated. Since Masteron is a predominantly androgenic steroid, the athlete can increase his androgen level without also risking an increase in his estrogen level.

    GP Mast 100 is used primarily to retain strength while losing mass. It is beneficial to runners and athletes who must remain in a certain weight class. It has gained popularity in the bodybuilding community as a diuretic and muscle defining drug. GP Mast 100 has been successfully used as a breast cancer drug but because of the high risk of virilization safer options are prescribed.

    GP Mast 100 Side Effects

    Athletes rarely experience any side effects with GP Mast 100, because Masteron is not hepatoxic so liver damage is quite unlikely. High blood pressure and gynecomastia are not a problem since neither water nor salt retention occurs and the estrogen level remains low. The main problem are acne, increased aggression and a possible accelerated hair loss since Dihydrotestosterone is highly affinitive to the skin's androgen receptors, in particular, to those on the scalp.

    The main disadvantage is a very poor availability and its price.

    GP Mast 100 Cycles/Stacking

    GP Mast 100 results in a dramatically improved hardness and sharpness of the muscles. Make a distinction here since GP Mast 100 does not automatically improve the quality of muscles in everyone. A prerequisite is that the athlete's fat content must already be very low. In this case GP Mast 100 can then be the decisive factor between a smooth, flat muscle or a hard and ripped look. For this purpose GP Mast 100 is often only used during the last four weeks before a competition so that the muscles get the last "kick." GP Mast 100 is especially effective in combination with steroids such as GP Stan 10 (Stanozolol), GP Tren Hex 100 (Trenbolone Hexahydrobencylcarbonate), GP Prima 100 (Methenolone Enanthate), GP Oxan (Oxandrolone) and of course GP Test Prop 100 (Testosterone Propionate). Since the substance Drostanolone Propionate is quickly broken down in the body, frequent and regular injections are necessary. This fact makes GP Mast 100 a very interesting steroid when doping tests must be passed by a negative urine analysis. Since the Drostanolone Propinate does not remain in the body very long in a sufficient, detectable amount, athletes inject the compound with great success up to two weeks before a test.

    Masteron has anabolic characteristics and thus helps the build up of a high-qualitative muscle system, the use of GP Mast 100 is not limited to the preparation stage for a competition. Athletes who want to avoid water retention and who readily have a problem with an elevated estrogen level, likewise appreciate GP Mast 100. In this case usually 100 mg is injected every second day. In combination with GP Prima 100, GP Stan 50 Injectable or GP Test Prop 100 no enormous strength and weight gains can be obtained, only high-quality and long-lasting results. Although women do not use GP Mast 100 very often some national and international competing female athletes do take it before a championship.

    GP Mast 100 Dosage

    The usual dosage taken by athletes is around 100 mg three times per week. Since Masteron is not administered in excessively high dosages and the intake, at the same time, GP Mast 100 is limited to a few weeks, the compatibility for the athlete is usually very good.

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