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  • Test P / Primo Cycle for Sale

  • Test P / Primo Cycle

    General information:

    This Cutting Cycle Includes:
    - Testoxyl Propionate: 3 x 10 mL Vials, 100 mg/mL;
    - Primoxyl: 10 mL Vial, 100 mg/mL;
    - Clomixyl: 30 tabs, 50 mg each;
    - Anastro-Lab: 50 tabs, 1 mg each.
    Purpose: Cutting, Dry Gains.

    Test P / Primo Cycle for Sale
    Price: 325.00 USD

    Old Price: Buy 2+ and get 1 of 'Clomixyl' for FREE



    Cutting cycle for quality muscle mass with a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat, recommended for both beginners and experienced athletes, because Primoxyl (Primo) is a mild steroid and does not have strong side effects on body, and if there are any sides on cycle, Anastro-Lab (A-dex) is used.

    Bulking Test P / Primo Cycle Layout

    WEEK Testoxyl Propionate Primoxyl Clomixyl Anastro-Lab
    1 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    2 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    3 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    4 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    5 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    6 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    7 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    8 100 mg/eod 100 mg/week 1 mg/e3rdd
    11 50 mg/day
    12 50 mg/day
    13 25 mg/day
    14 25 mg/day

    Notes:To control the level of estradiol, Anastro-Lab (A-dex) is used, which excludes such side effects as gynecomastia, water retention, etc.

    To restore your own testosterone, Clomixyl (Clomid) is used after 2 weeks from the last injection of Primoxyl (Primo). For convenience, these preparations can be mixed into a single syringe and injected intramuscularly.

    All products are manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, except Anastro-Lab by 7Lab Pharma.

    *Eod means Each Other Day.

    *E3rdd means Each 3rd Day.

    *E4thd means Each 4th Day.

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