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  • Proviron

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
    Substance: Mesterolone
    Package: 100 tabs (20 mg/tab)

    Proviron for Sale
    Price: 90.00 USD

    Old Price: Buy 5+ for 85.50 USD and save 22.50 USD



    Proviron (Mesterolone) by Dragon Pharma

    Proviron - androgen, which shows good anabolic properties, promotes protein increase in the body, especially in the case of muscle mass, as well as accelerates the growth of bones, stimulates erythropoiesis and increases the rate of epiphysis closure. Moreover, it stimulates secondary sexual characteristics in men, increases libido and potency.

    Proviron is used orally. Use of this drug is only for men. For women it is categorically contraindicated. Similarly, it is not recommended for persons under sixteen. If you are taking a cycle with Proviron, then you are recommended to undergo a periodic examination of the prostate gland. The use of this steroid can cause some side effects (for example, to have a toxic effect on liver, cause hypertrophy of the prostate or even baldness). But this can be avoided if you use Proviron wisely, taking into account all the characteristics of your body and having consulted before using this drug with a specialist.

    The risk of toxicity is practically absent if the dosage of the drug is observed. This drug is rapidly metabolized. It is not excreted by the kidneys in its original state. Proviron normalizes the lack of androgens in the body, which with age in the body becomes less, as their production deteriorates.

    You can buy Proviron in our online store. Just do not forget about the side effects of the drug, which was mentioned above. And if you decide to buy Proviron and begin its application, then carefully read the instructions and, if necessary, take a medical examination. Proviron is released most often by prescription.

    Proviron does not affect the production of the body's own testosterone, but it is able to suppress all deviations, which were caused by a lack of Testosterone. The drug Proviron prevents aromatization of steroids and thus gynecomastia is no longer threatening you and there will not be too much delay in the body. At a dosage of two to three tablets daily, the presence of side effects is minimized. And in combination with a steroid cycle, Proviron can be used quite safely. The liver practically does not suffer and its functioning is not violated.

    Keep in mind that with the use of Proviron, there is increased sexual hyperstimulation. In this case, it is recommended to lower the dose of the drug. Women need to be extremely careful in taking Proviron. Our online store offers you to buy Proviron of high quality and from leading manufacturers. In this case, note that the drug is not particularly effective solo, so to achieve a better effect it is recommended to use in combination with other drugs. Use it directly in the period before competition. This will help to increase and improve the quality of muscle mass, gives it rigidity.

    The optimal dosage for men is 50 mg per day (divided into two doses). Dosage up to 200 mg per day is also permissible. Exceeding the prescribed dose can lead to effects that are quite opposite to expected.

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